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Halo Infinite’s Campaign Co-Op Beta is Live and Available For Download


Halo fans can now experience Halo Infinite’s co-op campaign with the release of the game’s beta. Today, the official Halo Twitter account announced the opening of the beta, stating that players can team up with their friends to battle the Banished on Zeta Halo.

The creator of Halo Infinite, 343 Industries, has activated the beta test for the game’s campaign co-op mode, offering players the opportunity to try it before cooperative multiplayer becomes available in the live game in August. The beta is accessible to all Xbox gamers who own the Halo Infinite campaign, as well as PC players who have registered for the Halo Insider Program on Steam.

In the Halo Infinite co-op beta, you and up to three friends can play through the campaign’s stages and open-world locales together (crossplay between Xbox and PC is fully supported). All forward progress achieved in co-op is kept for all players, and all collectibles acquired during a co-op session are also unlocked for all members of the fireteam. Co-op is also completely compatible with the Mission Replay function, which enables players to replay previously completed missions at any point during a session, and you can save two in-progress missions at once if you and your friends wish to switch between them. Progress and saved checkpoints will not transfer from the Halo Infinite beta to the retail version of the campaign.

What is in the Halo Infinite Co-Op Test?

The Halo Infinite Campaign Network Co-op test will cover the entire Halo Infinite campaign, which is already playable with up to four players online — couch co-op is planned, but won’t be accessible for some time. Halo Infinite’s campaign co-op will feature different save files and progression for each player in a lobby, thus you will not simply be advancing one player’s play file. The game will compare save files and dynamically mark as complete missions that all players have completed, while missions that at least one player has not completed will be marked as incomplete. Similar accommodations are made for collectibles and other unlocks.

One aspect to consider is the “Area-Of-Operations.” This is a player tether in the open world that limits how far apart you can get from your friends. At approximately 800 feet, you will receive a warning; at 1000 feet, you will be killed and respawn at the next teammate. You do not have complete freedom to explore and engage in combat, despite the fact that this distance appears to be quite respectable.

Mission Replay will be introduced and will function using the Tac-Map. This will now display completed missions that can be selected and replayed. Then, you’ll be able to set the difficulty level and activate any game modifier Skulls you or your teammates have gathered. This will reset the task and transport you and your fireteam to the corresponding location. This involves reliving the game’s very first mission, Warship Gbraakon, which was previously unreturnable, in order to acquire any missed collectibles.

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