Coronavirus certificate in microchip implant


A Swedish company specializing in microchip implantation suggests using its products to simplify the Covid certification process.

The microchip is placed in the hand and programmed to contain the vaccination certificate.

To date, thousands of Swedes have already used it to store other identities.

“It means it is always accessible to me or anyone else who wants to scan me. “For example, if I go to the cinema or the mall, they can see my details even if I do not have my phone with me,” explained Hanes Siobland of DSruptive Subdermals.

The implantation of a microchip costs about 100 euros, and according to the company has a lifespan of thirty to forty years.

Experts stress, however, that their use must be strictly voluntary. As they say, they are aimed at people with curiosity, who love new technologies.  

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