Sarigiannis: Universal lockdown in early January


The country will not avoid the universal lockdown due to the dynamics developed by the Omicron mutation of the coronavirus, pointed out from Thessaloniki the professor of Environmental Engineering of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Demosthenes Sarigiannis, who from the beginning of the pandemic predicts developments based on multifactorial mathematical models.

As Mr. Sarigiannis stated this morning on ERT-3 102 FM, all the data converge that the problem will come very quickly and will be very big. “If there is a universal lockdown from January 3, it will last a month, if we reach the 16th of the month, when we estimate that the cases will be again 6,000 per day, then it will go until March,” he said characteristically – and very specifically – emphasizing at the same time that he speaks with great certainty.

“By the New Year, the Omicron mutation will represent more than 50% of the cases in our country”, he pointed out, clarifying that already the de-escalation in the cases and the hospitalizations that we observed lately from yesterday shows reversal tendencies. He estimated that the problem will be large in the first phase in Larissa, Chania, Sitia and Athens, something that will accelerate the spread of Omicron.

As for the schools, Mr. Sarigiannis said that they should not open on January 10 and at the same time revealed that in many private schools the tests for e-learning have already started again. In the same spirit, he underlined that it would be a criminal mistake to take the first semester exams in Greek universities.

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