The largest collection of glass snowballs in the world belongs to the Chinese Wendy Sun


THE holds the Guinness World Record for the largest collection of snowballs, in total 4,238, is Wendy Sun, a 50-year-old Chinese woman. She warns that she no longer has space for her decorative items.

Wendy Sun holds the record for the largest collection of glass snow globes since 2005, when she had 904 snowballs.

“Whenever I see a new sphere that I do not already have and that meets my selection criteria, I have a desire to have it,” Swann told Wales Online. “I’m excited to add them to my collection,” he said.

The collector said that she should be more selective about the new additions to her collection, because she no longer has space.

“Instead of buying any sphere, now I am attracted to those with more beautiful looks, more creative designs or some that are rare,” he explained.

Wendy Sean has calculated that she has spent $ 165,000 to create the collection and revealed that Its Most Expensive Acquisition is a $ 9,000 Snow Ball – Louis Vuitton Design.

Sources: RES – EIA, Wales Online  

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