Thessaloniki: The Christmas table raises the turnover in the butchers


With special and special meat products, such as turkey roll, “kleftiko” and “cottage”, the people are preparing to celebrate Thessalonians their … return to the traditional family christmas table, after last year restrictions due to coronavirus, which affects him turnover of traditional butchers in the prefecture, although the traffic is recorded intense.

This was emphasized by the president of the Butchers’ Association of the Prefecture of Thessaloniki, Nikos Balabounidis, speaking to APE-MPE and pointing out that the traditional butchers maintain the trust of the consumers, he expressed his assessment that the festive turnover in their shops will reach the level.

However, although the majority of consumers will go to their parents’ house, “we butchers work 20 hours a day at this time and make sure that we have at our disposal the ready-made and original solutions that consumers are looking for, for the Christmas and New Year table “, He stressed.

“King” of the festive table, according to Mr. Balabounidis, the pork stands out again this year, followed by turkey and other poultry, beef and lamb / goat, “which due to their lack led to an increase in price per kilo, at 15 euros “. As he explained, the prices per kilo of all other types of meat remain stable, despite the increases in energy and raw materials.

The president of the butchers estimated that “consumers seem to have returned for good to the traditional butchers, recalling the motto of the Association:” 12 months / year relationship of trust! “. “Building trust is a difficult task, but with perseverance, patience and consistency in quality, our consumers show with their attitude that the period of experimentation all previous years is over.”

“Antidote” to consumers with gift certificates

In the meantime, with an online and real-time lottery that will highlight more than 500 lucky winners who will receive gift vouchers worth a total of 13,500 euros, the members of the Butcher Association of the prefecture of Thessaloniki have planned to thank the consumers, thus “returning” part of its profits. holiday season, according to Mr. Balabounidis.

“The draw process will take place on January 12, 2021 and will be completely legal, while the initiative is part of the advertising campaign that” runs “the butchers of the prefecture from 16/12 and ends on 7/1”, explained the president of butchers.

For every ten euros of purchases, the consumer gets a lottery ticket, he said, announcing that the online lottery will reveal the winner of the grand prize, the € 500 gift voucher. Five vouchers of 200 euros, ten of 100 euros, twenty of 50 euros and 500 of 20 euros will also be drawn. It is reminded that the association has 600 members, while in the Prefecture of Thessaloniki it is estimated that there are about 900 butchers.


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