Thanos Plevris: The unvaccinated health workers will not return to the NSS if they are not vaccinated


The extension of the measure of suspension of health until March 31, announced the Minister of Health

The Minister of Health Thanos Plevris said about it on the floor of Parliament:

“Those who have not been vaccinated will not be able to return to work”

We say from now on. The pandemic shows that this modest can be made compulsory overall. The pandemic shows that vaccination is necessary and it is being examined whether those who will provide services to the NSS should be vaccinated. So those who are in suspension should know that as long as the pandemic lasts they will be in suspension but in addition it is examined that there may be another extension but they should be vaccinated otherwise they will not be able to if they return to the NSS.

Anyone who wants to provide services to the NSS should be vaccinated. This measure will remain and is under consideration to remain and then Therefore within the quarter all of them will have to be vaccinated. If they do not, they will put themselves outside the NSS»

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