Britain: The Omicron variant is milder


The Omicron variant causes milder illness than the Delta mutation, according to a UK Health Insurance (UKHSA) study revealed by Politico, which is expected to be made public by the end of the week (most likely tomorrow, Thursday).

The research, however, emphasizes that, because Omicron is transmitted much faster than Delta, eventually the number of patients who will need to be treated in absolute number may reach the number of patients treated with the Delta mutation.

Considering that Britain’s hospitals are already facing serious problems, both due to staff shortages and pressure from the country’s National Health System over the past two years, perhaps when Omicron reaches its peak, the situation is much worse than it was in the corresponding Delta Mutation period.

Finally, according to the Politico article citing the UKHSA investigation, the two doses of the vaccine are not enough for strong protection against Omicron, while the third, the so-called booster, significantly reduces the risk of symptomatic infection and hospitalization.

According to British reports, Boris Johnson is expected to make relevant announcements as early as tomorrow.

source: ΑΠΕ  

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