USA – Dramatic call by Cleveland doctors to the vaccinated – “Help”


“Aid”. This is the only word that the doctors of Cleveland in Ohio, USA, chose to address to the unvaccinated, in an advertisement published in a newspaper. The few black letters in the white blank, fit the despair experienced by health professionals, as the number of patients in hospitals is constantly increasing.

“We need your help,” six local health systems wrote at the bottom of their article in Ohio’s largest newspaper. “Now more hospitals are coming to our hospitals than ever before.”

“And the vast majority of them are unvaccinated.”

A few days ago, a similar advertisement was published by the hospitals of Minnesota, in an entire page of a newspaper, noting: “Our heart has cracked, we can not stand it anymore”.

The situation in Ohio is dramatic

Advertising in Cleveland hospitals has come in response to the recent health crisis, with cases in northern Ohio skyrocketing almost two years after the outbreak of a pandemic that has already claimed the lives of 810,000 Americans and brought many hospitals of the country.

“At the moment we are experiencing a major boom and we want to draw attention to the importance of vaccination, stressing that the majority of people treated for coronavirus are unvaccinated,” George Stamatis, a spokesman for the University Hospital in the area, told CNN. advertising.

“As we see cases increase, we also see how sick the patients are,” Alice Kim, medical director of the Cleveland Clinic, told reporters on December 16. “They are definitely in a worse situation than the patients in the first months of the 2020 pandemic.”

The number of patients being treated for coronavirus is higher than at any other time since December 2020, Gov. Mike Devine said in a news conference on Friday.

The health system is at its limits

Given the pressure on hospital staff, Deguin stressed that almost all hospitals in the northern part of the state have suspended scheduled surgeries.

On Friday, the governor announced that more than 1,000 National Guard personnel would be supported by hospitals to alleviate staff pressure, according to a press release issued.

On Tuesday, drive-thru test points began operating in Cleveland, where coronavirus tests are performed by National Guard personnel, but were discontinued the same day as they were unable to meet demand.
More than a third of the population remains unvaccinated, according to the Ohio Local Health Service.

What the doctors say

“We continue to find that our patients, especially those in ICUs, are not vaccinated,” Brooke Watts, head of public health at one of the area’s health systems, told CNN.

Having treated countless patients since the beginning of the pandemic, Watts stressed that the main difference in this wave is that younger patients arrive at the hospital.

“Nothing breaks my heart as much as entering a patient’s room and seeing pictures of his young children,” he said.  

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