Gas: Record jump in Megawatt hours – Cost pushes up food prices


Its prices remain high natural gas with prices dragging down electricity as well, although there is a slight de-escalation. Transportation costs skyrocket food prices.

The decline is recorded in relation to yesterday’s nightmarish image where three quarters of Europe had prices that exceeded € 400 in the price of Megawatt hours. Today there are only two of these countries, France remains first.

In Greece we have a decrease of 16.3% and now the wholesale price is set at € 348.3, while for natural gas the reduction is smaller at 3.6% and is set at € 173.6 per megawatt hour.

For the first four months of 2022 the forecast is for 157 € per Megawatt hour, while by the end of the year prices are forecast that will reach 120 €, even in summer.

Regarding the cost and the burden of the consumers in our country, according to the subsidy of 49.5 € for the first 300 kilowatt hours those who stay in this consumption will pay more 25.5 €, while those who are found to have more will not have a subsidy .

Reportage: Marina Demertzian

Source: ERT  

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