CoViD-19 Donations: Available for the purchase of 17 ambulances and actions for the protection of citizens (video)


The allocation of the amount of € 2,503,250 collected in the Special Account for the Repayment of Extraordinary Expenses from donations for the support for four targeted actions in order to dealing with and preventing the effects of the pandemic announced the Ministers of Finance Christos Staikouras and Health Thanos Plevris.

The response of more than 450 citizens and businesses to the call for offer proved that the Greeks are actively present in the battle, united and in solidarity. All the offers submitted by the Ministry of Finance concern the protection of citizens. The resources they have allocated return to society, cover important needs, are utilized with social sensitivity, transparency, efficiency and respect, and in the last euro, they stressed.

“We work, all together, State, companies, institutions and citizens, with solidarity and cohesion, so that we can face the challenges and difficulties. “Hand in hand, public, private sector and civil society, we will get the society out of the difficult conditions”, said, among others, Mr. Staikouras. Mr. Plevris, noted that all this time the NSS was strengthened with 12,000 auxiliary workers, 2000 permanent staff and 700 ICU beds to deal with the coronavirus pandemic and how all four actions relate to the health sector.

In particular, the following will be available:

-1,230,000 euros for the purchase 17 ambulances based on the specifications of EKAB and which will be handed over from the Minister of Finance to the Minister of Health, to serve the increased needs due to the pandemic. The 3 will be given to the 2 largest health regions (Attica, Thessaly & Central Greece and Macedonia) and from 2 to the other 7.

-395,926 euros for the implementation of its programs Child’s smile and specifically for a trailer medical unit which will act as a multi-practice anti-COVID, for the provision of preventive medicine in inaccessible areas and for assistance to vulnerable populations, with a budget of 352,036 euros, and a annual coronavirus vaccination schedule, which, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, will be implemented through the mobile medical unit owned by the “Child’s Smile”, with a budget of 43,890 euros.

-Also 104,200 euros will be allocated to Doctors of the World for programs promoting the need for vaccination (24,245 euros) and for supply care health and psychosocial support in vulnerable elderly (33,500 euros).

-151,000 euros will be allocated for the accommodation and travel expenses of 50 nurses from its regional services Red Cross for strengthening the “Freedom” vaccination program and specifically for the support of vaccination centers in Attica, mainly Maroussi and Glyfada.

The financing of these four actions, with a total budget of 1,881,176 euros, will be followed by the distribution of the remaining donations, amounting – at the moment – 622,074 euros, in additional, targeted social policy actions, which will be made public.

For his part, the president of EKAB Nikos Papaefstathiou He spoke about the burden of EKAB with the pandemic, but fortunately he found it prepared, as he said, as it was reinforced with auxiliary staff. Speaking about the 17 new ambulances, he said that “it is a valuable help to the people of EKAB to offer their services to the citizens and concluded by saying that” the pandemic showed in practice that cooperation between the private and public sectors and the partnership of citizens is very important in order for EKAB to remain next to the citizens “.

For his part, the president of the Greek Red Cross Α. Αυγερινός reported that in the midst of a pandemic, the nursing service of the Greek Red Cross was made available to the Ministry of Health and made a significant contribution to vaccinations.

The president of Child’s Smile K. Giannopoulos, Addressing the two ministers, he thanked them, saying that “we feel that we have dignity and the work we do” and added: “we are given the opportunity to increase the actions in the mobile medical prevention units” that are all over the country.

Finally, the Eugenia Thanou General Director of Doctors of the World said that it is a great honor to help the Doctors of the World who serve 30 years in Greece and abroad and are by the side of the state and assist in its work concerning vulnerable groups.  

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