Northern Macedonia: Zoran Zaef resigned as Prime Minister


His resignation from the post of Prime Minister and the resignation of his government submitted this afternoon, in a letter to the Speaker of Parliament and the MPs of Northern Macedonia, Zoran Zaef.

Zoran Zaef, in this letter states that he resigns from the post of Prime Minister of the country, due to the defeat of the ruling Social Democratic Party (SDSM) in the municipal elections in the country, held in late October. At the time, Zoran Zaef had announced that he would resign as party leader and prime minister.

During my tenure as Prime Minister, we took historic decisions by which Northern Macedonia, instead of being a “former democracy”, without a permanent and dominant position in the community of nations, took what belonged to it, in accordance with dignity and its historical value. These decisions allowed the Macedonians and the Macedonian language to be confirmed by the whole world and this time by our neighbor and friend, Greece. “I believe that with this we have ensured lasting peace, security and a paved way for the economic prosperity of our people,” he said. Zoran Zaef, in his resignation letter to the Speaker of Parliament and the deputies of Northern Macedonia.

Tomorrow, Parliament is expected to confirm, without debate, the resignations, and then the Speaker of Parliament will inform the President of the Republic, who must appoint a caretaker Prime Minister within ten days. The latter, from the moment he receives the mandate, must within 20 days present to the Parliament the program of his government and ask for a vote of confidence. The new government is expected to be formed around mid-January 2022.

THE Zaef resigned from the SDSM leadership late last month and a few days later internal elections were held, from which the new leader of the ruling party was the current Deputy Minister of Finance, Dimitar Kovacevski, who is considered a close associate of Zaef.

THE Dimitar Kovachevsky, as announced by the SDSM will be the new Prime Minister of Northern Macedonia.

In the current government, in addition to the SDSM and some smaller parties with which it cooperates The largest Albanian party in Northern Macedonia, Ali Ahmeti’s DUI, also participates while in the new government will also participate Albanian party “Alternative”, which will take over three ministries (Health, Public Administration and Diaspora).

Zoran Zaef has been the country’s prime minister since June 2017.

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