Italy: Mario Draghi Press Conference for 2021 – Call on Italians for Vaccination


Response from Italy for ERT: Christian Mavris

The standard press conference of the Italian Prime Minister took place this morning. This year was the first time for Mario Draghi, who opened the interview with an extensive prologue.

Draghi began by thanking the journalists for “everything you do for democracy and freedom” and stressed that the press conferences (during the year) were a very important occasion for me to respond to your comments, your criticisms. and your concerns. And then also and above all to try to explain the government action to you and to all citizens. I hope you found these press conferences as useful as I am. ”

He also referred to the arrival of the Omicron variant “which scientists say is much more contagious than its predecessors, opened a new phase in the pandemic” and noted that “vaccines remain the best defense tool against the virus”.

“Keep in mind that three-quarters of deaths are unvaccinated,” said Draghi, who called on all citizens to continue to be vaccinated and receive the third dose. That’s the priority today. ” He also pointed out that “scientific evidence tells us that the vaccine works very well, even against new variants. The vaccination campaign was necessary to revitalize the economy. “

Turning to the economy, the Italian prime minister stressed that “growth at the end of the year will stabilize by more than 6%, after falling by almost 9% last year” and stressed that “the recovery has also allowed us to have an improvement in the fiscal”.

At this point, he stressed that “the main challenge remains that of increasing the long-term growth rate and resolving the structural weaknesses of our economy, starting with the geographical inequalities of the sexes and generations” and stressed that “today I can tell you that we have achieved 51 goals ”of the Italian National Plan for Recovery and Sustainability, which shows that Italy, the regions, the municipalities and the government are moving with determination and strength. The process is long and complicated, but at the same time, we must be satisfied with what has been done this year and, above all, there is no reason to be afraid that it will not be possible to do well in the future. “

Finally, and before answering the questions of the journalists present, Mario Draghi referred to the Italian space strategy “an initiative, which in total commits four and a half billion euros. “Italy will launch the largest European observatory satellite on Earth, in low orbit, important for the protection of the environment and the climate and also for the development of innovative services for businesses.”  

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