YPAN: Creation of the research structure “ARCHIMEDES” – Budget over 21 million.


The decision (technical bulletin) concerning the creation of the Research Structure “ARCHIMEDES”, through the inclusion for its implementation and financing from the resources of the Recovery Fund, with a budget of 21,411,500 euros was signed today by the Undersecretary Development and Investment Christos Dimas, as noted in his post on social media.

“Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Algorithms are increasingly affecting our daily lives, from businesses, the health sector to tackling the climate crisis and the social sciences,” the Undersecretary noted in a twitter post.

He also notes that: The creation of the research structure “Archimedes” with funding from the Recovery Fund signals our goal to utilize the knowledge, dynamics and talent of Greek scientists in cutting-edge fields.

Mitsotakis: An artificial intelligence center that will gather the best minds in Greece is an important dowry for the country

“The possibility of having an artificial intelligence center, which will gather the best minds in Greece – and not only in Greece – with secured funding, with a structure that I think resembles the best such centers abroad, is an important ‘dowry’. for the country “, said the Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis who participated in an event on the occasion of the creation of the new research unit” Archimedes “. The objects of the event were Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Algorithms and was organized by the Committee “Greece 2021” at the Cultural Center of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation. “It is a vision of the top minds of artificial intelligence which is being put into practice with the help of the” Greece 2021 “Commission”, the Prime Minister also stressed in his position.

As he characteristically said: “With this initiative we will be able to gather in Greece brilliant minds, Greeks – but not only – who deal with this subject which already so defines the life, economic and social activity of all of us. Greece is a place with which many scientists are involved in this field. The quality of life in Greece is unique. “And Greece offers something else that I think will be of great scientific and philosophical interest: the dialogue between artificial intelligence and the legacy of ancient Greece.”

“The choice of the Commission” Greece 2021 “is to include this research institute in the program we coordinated. “Because our logic was that we can not only celebrate 200 years, a year of honor and memory, but this should also be a window to face the Greece of the future”, said for her part the president of the “Greece 2021” Committee. Gianna Angelopoulou – Daskalaki.

“We made every effort, but every effort, to be implemented. We have the necessary human resources, we sought help from experts in order to build a complete proposal with the appropriate business plan and the envisaged viability and feasibility studies. We sent them to the Ministry of Development to look for ways of financing. From there it ended up in the European Mechanism for Development and Sustainability, in the RRF “, added Ms. Angelopoulou.

“What we wanted to achieve with the center, in fact, is this very connection between Greek scientists and scientists from the Diaspora,” said MIT professor Konstantinos Daskalakis. “What we want to strengthen is this interaction between the talent of Greece and the opportunities that this talent has under the guidance and the scientists of the Diaspora.”

“In artificial intelligence there are many worthy Greek scientists who are currently doing research in Greece. “Both the purpose and the way of operation of” Archimedes “is to gather and strengthen these scientists”, said during the discussion the professor at Columbia University Christos Papadimitriou.

“Archimedes I would say is a lever that will take us to another dimension, will emphasize the extroversion we have as a research ecosystem”, said the head of the “Athena” Research Center and academic Giannis Emiris, adding that “already the research ecosystem, like our universities, are very strong “, with the result that” the country’s research production is a heavy industry “.

“The presence of a very prominent institution like” Archimedes “is coming and gives an even greater impetus. Because we on our part need the people who work for us to be able to gain more experience in you. “Like the people who will be in you and have this business germ, they can come to us”, pointed out the Co-Chair of the SEV Innovation Committee, Markos Veremis. “The distinction between a scientist and a businessman is no longer as narrow as it is in the minds of many people.”

The identity of an emblematic work

The decision for the creation of “Archimedes” was signed today by the competent Deputy Minister of Development and Investment, Christos Dimas. “In one year, in 2020, we went from 1.27% research spending to 1.5% of GDP, it was the biggest increase ever made for research,” the secretary-general said at the end of the event. and Innovation Athanasios Kyriazis.

The new research infrastructure “Archimedes” covers three topics that are the driving forces of the fourth industrial revolution. Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Algorithms are inextricably linked to research and innovation, while leading to the development of applied technologies that can transform the economy and improve every aspect of citizens’ daily lives.

The “Archimedes” structure will serve the basic and applied research, having as its main mission the financing of visiting researchers and doctoral candidates, building collaborations with universities inside and outside Greece. It will also act as a hub for the collaboration of distinguished Greek academics working abroad with talented young scientists, as well as a point of exchange of ideas.

It will also be a “magnet” for the return of Greeks who immigrated in previous years, reversing the brain drain, but also for attracting foreign scientists to our country.

The results of the research will be utilized by seeking applied solutions in a number of areas, such as industrial production, efficiency and productivity. In the field of market, the unit will cultivate synergies with the rapidly growing start-up ecosystem, facilitating the transfer of research results to the market and adding value and competitive innovation advantages to a naturally extroverted sector of the Greek economy.

The structure will be staffed by a 9-member Scientific Council and approximately 120 research and doctoral staff.

The new unit will be part of the “Athena” Research Center. The project budget, which includes the construction of building and digital infrastructure and the acquisition of the required equipment, amounts to 21.4 million euros by 2025. In the first phase, it will be housed in the facilities of the Academy of Athens.

The project is funded by the European Union Recovery and Sustainability Fund as it has been included in the national plan “Greece 2.0”, which includes approved projects for research infrastructure and research activities in excess of 500 million euros.

The discussion was attended by the President of the Committee “Greece 2021” Gianna Angelopoulou – Daskalakis, Professor Konstantinos Daskalakis, Professor Christos Papadimitriou, the General Manager and Chairman of the Board of the “Athena” Research Center, Professor Giannis Emiris, and his co-chair of SEV, Markos Veremis. The discussion was moderated by the Secretary General for Research and Innovation Athanasios Kyriazis.


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