Grants of 3,467 million euros to companies in Evia affected by fires and coronavirus


A grant amount of 3,467,069.03 euros is currently credited by the Ministry of Finance to 672 beneficiaries of the special business support scheme in the municipalities of Mantoudi-Limni-Agia Anna and Istiaia-Edipsos of Northern Evia. These are companies that have been negatively affected by the pandemic crisis and their financial losses have been exacerbated by the big fires of the summer.

The beneficiary companies will see the credit in the accounts they have declared in myAADE ( until the evening, depending on the credit flows of each bank. Prospectively, with the completion of the processing of the applications and the submitted data, new payments will follow in the next period.

The grant is paid in accordance with the terms of the European Commission Communication on the “Temporary Framework” (COVID-19), subject to the approval of the scheme by the Commission to which it has been notified. The procedure and conditions for the granting of the aid are determined by the Joint Ministerial Decision 157866EX2021 / 9.12.2021 (Government Gazette 5712 / B / 9-12-2021).

Companies interested in joining the special scheme can apply on the online platform myBusinessSupport of AADE ( until January 14, 2022.

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