Experts call for measures to control the Pandemic – Tomorrow announcements by the Minister of Health


They demand the suspension of all Christmas celebrations

Suggestion for immediate suspension all of festive events in public places are suggested by the members of the committee of experts, which met this morning to discuss the of the new Omicron mutation.

At the same time, experts believe that there is a need to take action on use of a high protection mask in indoors, but also in open, when there is synchronicity. In particular, experts recommend mandatory mask use everywhere. In indoors, as well as in Public Transport, as well as in open spaces with overcrowding, the proposal concerns the use of a mask increased protection KN95 or the double mask.

Regarding travel, the committee recommends that, in addition to the negative PCR for entry into the country, visitors submit the second and day four after their arrival in a rapid test. The measure is aimed at timely detection any suspected cases bearing the Omicron variant.

In the context of the expansion of the pandemic in the last twenty-four hours and in view of the suggestions of the experts, tomorrow morning a meeting will be held under the Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and the participation Health agencies. Immediately after, the Minister of Health, Thanos Plevris will make relevant announcements.

The imposition of measures had been announced in advance by Minister of Health Thanos Plevris, speaking on the floor of Parliament, who referred to meeting of the committee of experts. The mutation has alerted health authorities around the world, and scientists warn that its high transmissibility will put even more strain on health systems.

«There is a clear will of the government to definitely have a framework of restrictive measures after the holidays. There will be restrictive measures but we are watching the pandemic “ had stressed Mr. Plevris, who called the citizens to pay special attention during during the holidays and then do the self test.

“THE The government’s intention is for the new measures to take effect after the holidays. We will see what the experts will suggest and what the government will adopt. The will is to make the festive period with the current measures “, he had clarified.

Attempt to vaccinate the population

At the same time, a battle with time is being fought on the vaccination front, in order for there to be as much as possible greater coverage. “Every week we win before the Omicron mutation becomes dominant – something that will happen completely – there are almost 500,000 additional third-dose vaccinations.” said yesterday Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

The Minister of Health noted that the vaccination program is moving at a satisfactory pace. In the general population, 70% have planned the second dose while 66% are fully vaccinated.

In the adult population 75% have completed the vaccination while 80% are expected to do the second dose. After the mandatory measure for those over 60 the percentage increased from 81% to 87% while about 4 million citizens from about 5.7 million, beneficiaries have planned or made the booster dose.

Unvaccinated health workers are out of hospitals until March 31

The Minister of Health also announced that extended the measure of suspension of sanitary that is, of doctors, nurses and administrative staff of hospitals- except NSS until March 31.

“The pandemic shows us that this measure must be continued until March 31, 2022,” he said, adding that “those who have not been vaccinated will not be able to return to work.”

«The pandemic shows that measure this may become mandatory as a whole. The pandemic shows that vaccination is necessary and it is being examined whether those who will provide services to the NSS should be vaccinated. So those who are in suspension should know that as long as the pandemic lasts they will be in suspension but in addition it is examined that there may be another extension but they should be vaccinated otherwise they will not be able to return to the NSS “, write down.

“Anyone who wants to provide services to the NSS should be vaccinated. This measure will remain and is under consideration to remain after. Therefore within the trimester all of them should be vaccinated. If they do not do it, they will put themselves outside the NSS ” clarified o Minister of Health Thanos Plevris.

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