90-year-old dead from the fire in a house in Gazi


A 90-year-old man was pulled out dead from a house in Gazi, where a fire broke out shortly after 20.00. According to the first data of the Fire Brigade, it is most likely a crayfish collector, who had many objects in his house for this and the fire quickly spread.

As for the causes, a preliminary investigation is being carried out by the investigative department of the Fire Brigade, however, according to the first indications, the 90-year-old had lit a heater to warm himself, from which the fire probably started.

It is noted that it is one of the many incidents that have occurred recently throughout Greece with victims mainly elderly due to fires due to the same causes. It is recalled that the fire broke out in a house at 16 Elasidon Street in Gazi and 12 firefighters are operating with 4 vehicles.

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