Britain: Telephone communication between Boris Johnson and Olaf Solz


The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson had a telephone conversation with the German Chancellor Olaf Solz tonight to congratulate him on his appointment. The two leaders decided to work to deepen and further expand the relationship between the two countries

According to a Downing Street statement:

“The Prime Minister and Chancellor Soltz underscored the fundamental value of the UK-Germany relationship, which is guided by our countries’ common global perspective. They agreed on the importance of partnership in areas such as foreign policy, climate change and trade.

Both leaders decided to work to deepen and further expand the relationship. The leaders discussed a number of international issues, including the current situation on the Ukrainian border. They agreed on the importance of working with Russia to de-escalate the situation and prevent further aggression.

They also informed each other about the latest developments regarding the appearance of the Omicron variant in their countries.

The Prime Minister and Chancellor Soltz welcomed the opportunity offered by the German Presidency of the G7 in 2022 to take advantage of the progress made under the Presidency of the United Kingdom this year.

The Prime Minister stressed the importance he attaches to resolving the very real issues posed by the implementation of the Northern Ireland Protocol. Both leaders agreed that it was important to address this issue as soon as possible.

They look forward to meeting again in person at the first opportunity. “

Correspondence – London: Natasa Kantzavelou

Source: ERT  

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