UN Security Council adopts resolution on humanitarian aid to Afghanistan


The UN Security Council approved Wednesday unanimously draft resolution suggested by United States which facilitate for one year the provision of humanitarian aid to Afghanistan, on the brink of economic collapse, in the hope that Taliban they will not make a profit from it.

The resolution states that “payment of money, financial assets” such as “provision of essential goods and services” in order to respond to basic human needs in Afghanistan are “permissible” and “do not constitute a breach” of sanctions imposed on individuals and entities. associated with the Taliban.

The text is a first step in the fight against Afghanistan, which has been ruled by the Taliban since August, and whose status has not been recognized by the international community.

The UN resolution is a “good step forward,” a Taliban spokesman said in Kabul.

The text aims to reduce the risk of an influx of refugees fleeing poverty to neighboring countries and to respond to the need for increased assistance, the United States said.

“This humanitarian exemption is intended to facilitate aid to the Afghan people, but it is not a blank slate for organizations that violate their international obligations,” US Deputy Chief of Mission Jeffrey DeLaurendis was quoted as saying.

Unlike an earlier version of the text which provided for exceptions to sanctions on a case-by-case basis, the resolution covers the provision of humanitarian aid in the broadest sense.

“The current situation in Afghanistan is critical and the humanitarian crisis must be resolved as soon as possible,” said Chinese Ambassador to the United Nations Zhang Jun. “Humanitarian aid must not be conditional and must not be politicized,” he said, dismissing any “arbitrary terms”.

In an effort to ensure that aid is directed at Afghans and that the Taliban do not benefit, the resolution calls for a review of the general humanitarian aid exception after 12 months. China, however, said it did not expect the permit to expire in a year.

“This exemption is intended to provide immediate support to the Afghan people who desperately need it, nothing more,” said Irish Ambassador Geraldine Bernon Neison, noting that the Taliban still did not comply with international human rights requirements. .

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