Video shocks Turkey – Incredible savagery of a teacher attacking a high school student


Public opinion in Turkey is shocked by a high school math teacher in the Ortakιοy district of Aksaray district, who brutally attacked, slapped and punched a fifth-grader, who then grabbed him by the neck and started kicking him.

The rescue operation

Fortunately, a teacher intervened at that moment and the child escaped the worst. The professor was dismissed from his duties while a judicial and administrative investigation is being carried out against him.

The heinous attack is captured in the video from a security camera that follows.

Professor Ali Riza takes the TK student out of the corridor and starts slapping and punching him wildly. Then he dips it around his neck and starts squeezing it.

At that moment, the design and technology teacher Gulcan λούnlu, who was teaching in the next room, hears the voices, goes out into the corridor and saves the child from the hands of his ruthless teacher.

The incredible incident, as noted by the Turkish media, happened on December 14 but only yesterday Wednesday saw the light of day.

At the hospital

Following the incident, TK informed his father, Duran K., about the attack, who transported his child to the hospital for examination.

He then went to the prosecutor’s office and filed a lawsuit against the professor.

He said he hit his son because another student told him he had cursed and cursed him.

The doctors gave the child ten days of sick leave because of the blows he received.

“What a teacher he is. “The beating to death of a child of this age has deeply hurt us as a family,” said the father.

He resigned from his duties

The Provincial Directorate of National Education announced that the teacher was dismissed from his duties:

“On the orders of our Governor’s Office, in connection with the incident in which Ali Rıza Y., a teacher working at the Şehit Salih Aksu High School in the Ortaköy district, hit our student, the teacher was dismissed from his duties while the court and administrative investigation continues “.

Criminal investigation

Aksaray Attorney General announced that teacher Ali Rıza Y. was detained for a day after the attack on his student and then released by a court order in which he was brought in while a criminal investigation was ordered against him.

“On 14/12/2021, the Ortaköy Public Prosecutor’s Office immediately launched an investigation, the suspect teacher was detained for one day, detention measures were taken against the suspect and a judicial investigation decision was made by the Ortaköy Criminal Court. The investigation process is meticulously carried out by our Office of the Chief of Criminal Procedure “states the announcement of the General Prosecutor’s Office.  

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