Coronavirus: What measures will we see before the holidays and what after – The government exorcises the lockdown


The risk of an exponential increase in cases of the Omicron mutation, in the light of the large gatherings at Christmas and New Year, led the committee of scientists to propose to the government greater restrictions and additional protection measures.

Under the weight of dramatic calls from scientists making ominous predictions about the course of the pandemic the government staff will make the final decisions and early this morning are expected the announcements by the Minister of Health Thanos Plevris.

THE The committee will meet again on 28 December and will proceed to a new suggestion for the measures to be taken immediately after the holidays. At yesterday’s meeting they qualified the restriction of opening hours to catering and entertainment, the restriction of people per sq.m. which will be allowed to enter indoors and the extension of telework.

“The faster we act effectively, the more effective this action will beDemosthenes Sarigiannis, Professor of Environmental Engineering at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, told SKAI, calculating that the “Omicron” variant will be dominant after the New Year. He himself favored one new alternative to lockdown, while he mentioned that the number of cases of the new variant in the country is much higher than the one we have as confirmed.

The 3 “festive” measures

According to the Commission’s proposal, the festive “package” of measures includes three restrictions:

· Its use mask everywhere and double mask or mask of increased protection (KN-95) in supermarkets and public transport.

· Carrying out rapid test for all those entering the country on the 2nd and 4th day of their arrival.

· Postponement of all open mass events, including sports.

In particular, the Commission recommends their implementation as soon as possible so that avoid new outbreaks in places of mass attendance, such as public transport, but also the stadiums.

Their operation will be under the microscope of the Commission next week schools, in order for the experts to come up with the package of measures that will be proposed to the government for the period after the holidays and specifically after January 3.

According to information, they are oriented towards the suspension of school trips, while there are also experts who claim that it would be useful to change the protocol in schools, that is, when a school should be closed when cases of coronavirus are recorded.

New presentation from December 28

In addition, the Committee of Experts of the Ministry of Health is scheduled to meet again immediately after the Christmas break, ie the Tuesday 28 December, in order to propose a broader plan to stop the “Omicron” variant, based on the epidemiological data in the country until then. The second, this “package” of measures is proposed to enter into force on 3 January and so on, so as not to get lostas the festive atmosphere, but also the commercial movement of the holidays.

«Some mild measures could be taken before the New Year. Our intention is not to disturb the market before the New Year. We have given a great fight to keep the market open and we want to keep it that way“Said yesterday the Minister of Development and Investment, Adonis Georgiades, explaining the rationale for escalating the new measures into two, distinct phases.

Scenarios for focus and mandatory vaccination

Regarding the changes in the focus, it is not excluded that measures will be taken as well earlier than 3 January.

According to reports, there is concern about New Year’s Eve celebrations in nightclubs and clubs.

Thus, it is considered to take measures that will allow the stores to operate only for seated customers, while for the unvaccinated, a 24-hour self test will be required for outdoor dining areas.

At the same time, the extension of the obligation of vaccination to those who are is not ruled out over 50 years.

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