Coronavirus: Three dead on Mount Athos in less than a month (vid)


The Abbot Parthenios of the Monastery of Agios Pavlos is ill

At the mercy of the coronavirus is Mount Athos since within a period of about a month, three people have lost their lives, while the Abbot Parthenios of the Monastery of Agios Pavlos, who is 90 years old and is against the vaccine, is also ill.

He even said that no one has a blessing from him to get the vaccine while characterizing the coronavirus “Of Satan”. According to from the end of November, Three monks have “ended up”, while the two were over 70 years old, while a layman who was a worker in the Monastery also died. The condition of Elder Paul does not inspire much concern.

For the Monastery of Agios Pavlos, the problem is located in the important cells it has. It is characteristic that in March 2021, in cells of the New Hermitage that belongs to the Monastery of Agios Pavlos, there were 23 positive cases!

This particular Monastery was the first on Mount Athos to show cases of coronavirus, something that happened in September 2020. At that time, the Monastery was in quarantine and was the reason for measures to take effect on Mount Athos.

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