Australia: Cases are rampant, prevention measures are back


A particularly worrying increase in cases occurs in all States of Australia with the Victoria and New South Wales to announce the return of the obligation of the mask indoors, the digital declaration of data in stores and restaurants and the observance of safety distances.

In Australia, a total of 8700 cases have been confirmed in the last 24 hours, a record number since the beginning of the pandemic and 11 deaths, while the number of hospital admissions is increasing.

THE New South Wales recorded 5715 cases, almost 2000 more than yesterday, while a significant increase was also shown in Victoria with 2005 cases. The State has recently been experiencing a slow de-escalation from the previous wave of the “Delta” mutation with the number of cases ranging between 1200 -1300 per day.

The competent government authorities have not announced which mutation and to what extent they are to blame for the increase, however, experts who spoke to the Australian media consider that this is a simultaneous presence of both mutations, with the “Omicron” to quickly take the baton in the rapidly increasing number of cases.

THE New South Wales Prime Minister Dominique Perotet, whose government had just announced a relaxation to the point of almost complete abolition of individual preventive measures and restrictions, was forced to withdraw hastily, however, as it stated in a press conference on Wednesday afternoon they come back are the mildest possible “, while he urged the citizens not to resort to molecular tests anymore only after a doctor’s recommendation or severe symptoms.

Instead of the molecular test, the government will distribute rapid tests to the citizens so that they can check for themselves in the first place if they are positive in Koronios.

In Australia, an average of 90% of citizens have received both doses of the vaccine, and the government insists on keeping the booster dose limit at five months, from six initially, refusing to comply with other countries’ decisions and recommendations. specialists to repeat the vaccination three months after the second dose.

Response: Alekos Markellos, Australia

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