Christos Zoupas: “People get coronavirus without taking a nap – You do not know how the body will react”


The physician – diabetologist Christos Zoupas spoke about the coronary in combination with diabetes the Omicron mutation and the need for vaccinations

According to what he saide on the show “MEGA Hour Society”: “The problem is that a new virus that attacks humanity, you do not know who will infect or not. There are people who pass the coronavirus without getting hit. “There are not many people who end up, but you do not know how the body will react and this is a secret that only our body knows”.

He noted that at the same time one of the main underlying diseases is Diabetes, but a distinction must be made as to which people are most at risk of being infected with the virus.

Concerning the children and young people with diabetes type 1, if well tuned rarely have a serious problem.

Unlike adults who are concerned about 90% of cases of diabetes, and 60% to 80% in obeseand overweight.

About metalλαξη Όμικρον stated: «The third dose has this advantage, boosts the immune system and treats the mutation with much better treatment. The only way to treat this is to get vaccinated».

«No vaccine affects the body, except in a few cases where a rare reaction can occur. We will need repeated doses until it is introduced with the other strains into the annual flu vaccine.“, He stressed.

Death of George Tragas

Mr. Zoupas was the doctor of George Tragas and spoke about his death:

«When you are a person of activity and everyday life, many times you do not realize that you are carrying 30 to 35 years of sweets that have caused damage to your blood vessels. I feel bad, after such an adventure, I do not know, because we have had daily contact lately I think I have said so much, that I think silence is the best medicine».

«I have not realized that at this moment George left without taking it seriously. On the eve he thought it was a flu and it would pass. “Unfortunately, this virus has an aggression, it surrounds you like a wolf and rushes at you.”.

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