Fauci: “Big parties are a danger for those who are vaccinated” (vids)


The spread of Omicron in the USA is intense

Leading US epidemiologist Anthony Fauci sounded the alarm, saying that the gathering of more than 40 people in one place, is a very big risk even for the vaccinated.

“There are many parties with 30, 40, 50 people, where you do not know the vaccination history of everyone. These are the events of the kind where you do not want to attend, in the context of the (variation) Omicron », Fauci told reporters at the White House.

This week, U.S. cases are up 25 percent from the previous year, reaching an average of 149,300 every day, according to Rossell Wallensky, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

73% of cases are due to Omicron

From the tracking of the cases, it appears that 73% have to do with Omicron, while there are areas where the specific percentage reaches 90%.

“It simply came to our notice then of Omicron is what we expected and for which we were preparing “said Waleski.

President Joe Biden, meanwhile, announced that 250,000 regimens of Pfizer’s new antiviral drug approved for Covid-19 would be available in January.

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