Coronavirus eradicates family of unvaccinated in Ilia (vids)


Three members of the family died

The whole family has been eradicated by the coronavirus within a month in a village of Ilia.

More specifically, a 54-year-old priest, his father-in-law and his mother-in-law they lost the battle with the pandemic. According to patrisnews, the priest’s wife fell ill and visited her parents without knowing it, as a result of which she transmitted the virus to them.

Her father was also a priest, and both her parents were vaccinated and were admitted to hospital. The elder woman also stuck her husband, as a result of which he was admitted to the University Hospital in Rio. She was hospitalized in the same hospital a few days later.

The three of them who were hospitalized could not be kept alive, as they “left” with a few days difference.

Four of the five children of the family, who were all boys, fell ill and in fact the 25-year-old mathematician who lives in Athens was hospitalized but did not face a serious problem.

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