Nikos Kapravelos: “It is inconceivable to have colleagues in the ICU who are not vaccinated – The self tests are a mockery” (vid)


The ICU director of Papanikolaou Hospital spoke about the epidemiological situation and commented on the measures taken by the government

Speaking at Open characterized the measure with the self tests ω“Ridicule” as “if you want you can do it if you do not want you can not do it».

He added that the scientific community is asking new measures for months: «I believe in universal vaccination… Since August we have been calling for measures to be taken and no measures are being taken. If another tsunami called the Omicron comes to the Delta tsunami, then honestly we should not leave the house, not take action. What do the measures after 3 mean? That is, until January 3, we make a contract with the coronavirus. Obviously, measures had to be taken much earlier».

Write down visibly angry how «I’m angry, so many souls are being lost unjustly. We go around – we do not take measures, we postpone them. Health and life are above all».

«Are the hospitals collapsing at the moment and are we discussing measures after January 3rd? We do not use the weapon we have in our hands, the vaccine, we go around the problem. The State can not wash its hands, it must take more decisive measures and not hide behind its finger»

Finally, in terms of the undisturbed sanitary: «It is inconceivable to have colleagues in the ICU who are not vaccinated, to undermine all this effort. They need to go back, reflect on their responsibilities to society as a whole, get vaccinated and go back.».

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