Novavax Vaccine: Responds to Omicron (vids)


The installments are expected to be available in January

As it has become known a few days ago, Novavax has released a new vaccine against coronavirus which has been approved. In fact, from the leaked data, it appears that the new vaccine is capable of treating the Omicron variant

This is a vaccine which This will be done in two installments, and has received an emergency use permit from EU regulators and the World Health Organization. It should be noted that in the past it had already been approved in countries such as Indonesia and the Philippines.

According to the pharmaceutical company, the third dose greatly increased the immune response against the new mutation. These data come from the ongoing testing of Novavax for the efficacy of its vaccine in adolescents and as a booster dose.

“We are encouraged by the fact that enhanced responses against all strains (of the new coronavirus) were comparable to those associated with high vaccine efficacy in our Phase 3 clinical trials.”, said Gregory M. Glenn, Novavax’s research and development director.

It should be noted that other companies that have developed a vaccine such as Pfizer and Moderna have announced that with the booster dose, there is much greater protection against the new mutation.

Novavax has announced that it is researching a vaccine for the Omicron mutation, and will start making doses from next month.

The poorest countries are expected to receive the Novavax vaccine next year.

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