If an Omicron wave comes the destruction will be complete (vid)


ICU director at Papanikolaou hospital rang alarm clock for Omicron mutation

«If in this tsunami of the 4th wave for the ESΥ another wave will come because of Omicron, as they say, the catastrophe will be complete, nothing will be left standing, we have no room to lose».

According to the professor the 4th wave has hit hospitals irreparably: «The pressure on ICUs is something that can not be discussed. All 48 ICU beds in Papanikolaou have been allocated for dementia cases, with the result that there is no ICU bed for non-dormitories, a nightmare situation».

Regarding the upcoming measures: «the NSS can not withstand any more pressure, to ring a bell to all those in charge. It is not possible to experience a nightmare and the others to play the best men».

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