Rally on the prices of building materials


Prices of building materials as a whole recorded a rally of 7.1% in November this year, as price increases were recorded in all sub-categories, mainly in electricity and oil.

In particular, prices increased in: Electricity (37.7%), Diesel (34.2%), Reinforcing iron (20.3%), Copper pipes (17.8%), Copper pipes (16, 6%), Radiators (8.6%), Bricks (8.5%), Plastic pipes (7.8%), Plastic pipes, synthetic, fiber cement (6.3%), Garage door mechanisms (5%), Safety glass (5%), Aluminum frames (4.3%), Built-in cabinets (4.3%), Interior doors (3.8%), Ready-mixed concrete (3.2%), Wooden windows (3%), Plastic, acrylic, water (2.9%), Marble slabs (2.8%), Cement (2.8%) and Parquet (2.7%).

According to ELSTAT, the general price index for construction materials of new residential buildings increased by 7.1% in November 2021 compared to the corresponding index of November 2020, compared to a decrease of 0.3% when comparing the respective indices in 2020 with in 2019.

At the same time, the general index showed an increase of 0.9% in November 2021 compared to the index of October 2021, compared to an increase of 0.2% recorded during the comparison of the respective months in 2020.

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