Stathis Panagiotopoulos: Today the presenter to the prosecutor


The investigations of the Greek Police are in full swing for the investigation of the complaints against Stathis Panagiotopoulos, who was handed over to the offices of the Security of Thessaloniki and will be taken today, Thursday, to the Prosecutor.

If he asks for a deadline to apologize, then this will happen on Saturday. The accusations made by the prosecutor are questionable. That is, if he will judge that the damage suffered by the girl who filed the lawsuit is permanent and does not depend on the profit that Stathis Panagiotopoulos had from the publication of the “pink” videos on the Internet.

Based on previous, court decisions, his acts of a misdemeanor nature may turn into crimes.

Stathis Panagiotopoulos surrendered voluntarily yesterday to the Cybercrime Prosecution Sub-Directorate of Thessaloniki late at noon. The surrender and the arrest that followed were made after the preliminary examination ordered by the head of the Prosecutor’s Office of Thessaloniki, Mr. Panagiotis Panagiotopoulos, for any violation of personal data by the accused.

A few hours after he was handed over to the police following a complaint from a woman, through Mr. George Dakouras, who represents him, he stressed that he put himself at the disposal of the authorities to facilitate the investigations and at the same time that he has confidence in the Greek justice.

According to information from Alpha, the former presenter of “Radio Arvyla” allegedly told the police: “I do not understand why all this grief. I have not posted videos, I have had them in the past but I do not have them in my possession “, as the report states, while he allegedly appeared” noisy “and” terrified “at the Authorities.

The Police Authorities arrived at Stathis Panagiotopoulos’s house on Wednesday afternoon, together with the former presenter of Radio Arvylas, in order to check on his electronic devices. Stathis Panagiotopoulos entered his house handcuffed and in the presence of a prosecutor, the police collected all the information that will help them carry out their investigation.

At the same time, the research will not be limited to the permanent residence of the presenter in Neoi Epivates Thessaloniki, but will be extended to his home in Alonissos and to his business premises in Thessaloniki. The police will “dust” his computers and mobile phones, as well as all his digital devices. The examination of the evidence will be done by the scientists of the Directorate of Criminological Investigations of the Police, who can even retrieve deleted data.

The statement of the presenter’s lawyer

It is recalled that yesterday Stathis Panagiotopoulos made the first statement after his arrest, through his lawyer Georgios Dakouras, on As he said, he has apologized, he has regretted, while he decided to appear, to help – as he claims – the investigation of the Authorities.

Regarding the possibility of pre-trial detention, his lawyer, Mr. Dakouras, states: “In order for my client to be remanded in custody, he will have to be charged with a felony and will be interrogated. This still does not seem to exist as a possibility. What should be pointed out and is our position so far, is that Mr. Panagiotopoulos has stated from the first moment that he has regretted what has happened. He was at the disposal of the Police and the Authorities from the first moment, he never tried to leave the city or his residence and from there on he will face any accusation that turns out to concern him “.

Regarding the situation of his client, he emphasizes: “Obviously he is in a very bad psychological state, he has apologized for the actions he has done and from today he is facing a new accusation, which we do not know exactly what it is.” . Regarding his decision to go to the Thessaloniki Police Department and surrender, his legal counsel points out: “He presented himself, in order to assist in the investigation of the Authorities in any way”.

Lytras: We are talking about a total of 9 videos

At the same time, the revelations about the dark life of Stathis Panagiotopoulos have no end, as lawyer Apostolos Lytras said yesterday, “a total of 9 videos that we know are posted on the internet” where his former comrades are exposed on the internet without their knowledge. “We are talking about a total of 9 videos that we know are posted on the internet,” the lawyer said on ANT1’s “Good Morning Greece” show, after it was revealed that there is an illegal platform that steals and leaks sensitive “sensitive” information to women.

“I represent the daughter of a friend of the couple, who when they had contacts and their personal moments were recorded, was at a very young age”, the lawyer added to continue: “This guy has issues of psychological and psychiatric nature and problems of insecurity, because I can not understand why he does such things. “

“As far as the victims and the ‘attraction’ for him are concerned, obviously television and his publicity have played a role. “He has taken advantage of what his recognizability offers him, in order to make contacts,” the lawyer added. As he clarified, it remains to be seen from the investigation whether the posting of erotic videos on the internet also had a financial benefit for Stathis Panagiotopoulos, saying that “if there was a benefit and the amount is over 120,000 euros, we are talking about a crime”.

He even noted that “the crime is Autophorous, the crime has not stopped, it is committed every day. The Prosecutor’s Office must also take its measures “, adding that” we officially made the complaint yesterday and we are waiting to see how Justice will react “.

He also revealed that he has at his disposal a complaint from a girl from Thessaloniki regarding the operation of an information exchange platform for sexual partners. As he said, he visited her and “I saw people from all over Greece exchanging information about the sexual life of women from all over Greece. Uploading a photo of a woman and stating that she lives there and what her name is. “Another of the users, obviously from her area, who knows her, starts and reports information about the woman’s love life and more”.

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