Israeli archaeologists find treasures in an ancient shipwreck


Israeli researchers, presented yesterday Wednesday, one Golden ring from Roman times bearing an early Christian symbol of Christ engraved on the gemstone in the middle, found amid a shipwreck off the ancient port of Caesarea, between Tel Aviv and Haifa.

The Israel Antiquities Authority said in a statement that the gold octagonal ring bears the “Good Shepherd” design of a young shepherd wearing a long shirt and holding a ram or a sheep on his shoulders.

The ring was found among a group of Roman coins dating back to the third century, in addition to a bronze eagle statue, bells to ward off evil spirits, ceramics and a statue of a Roman actor in a comic mask, according to the source.

The Antiquities Authority reported that a red gemstone engraved with a lyre was found in the relatively shallow waters, in addition to the remains of the ship’s wooden hull.

THE Caesarea was its local capital Roman Empire, in the third century and its port was an important center of activity in Rome, according to Helena Sokolow, coordinator of the coins department of the Israeli Antiquities Authority, which has researched the subject of “Good Shepherd ” stamp.

Edited by: Walid Elias

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