Bill Gates for Omicron Mutation: The Worst Pandemic Wave We’ve Seen Coming


His reflection on Omicron mutation expresses through his personal Twitter account o Bill Gates, stressing that at a time when we all thought that life was returning to normal, everything shows that we are entering the worst phase of the pandemic.

The Omicron mutation will knock on our door. My close friends have it now and I have canceled most of my holiday plans“He says in his post, adding that the Omicron mutation is spreading faster than any other virus in history.

The big unknown is how sick Homicron makes you. We need to take it seriously until we learn more about it. Even if its severity compared to the Delta is much less, it will be the worst wave we have seen to date, because the mutation is so contagiousSaid Gates, adding:

If there is good news here is that Omicron is moving so fast that once it dominates a country, the wave there will last less than three months. These few months may be bad, but I still believe that if we take the right steps, the pandemic can end in 2022.

I know it’s frustrating to get into another holiday season with COVID hovering over us. But it will not be like that forever. One day the pandemic will end and the better we take care of each other, the faster this time will come“.

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