Lamia: Dead 41-year-old father of three children from coronavirus (vids)


The 41-year-old did not succeed

Another young man, 41 years old, is dead from coronavirus failed to overcome coronavirus complications.

According to, the 41-year-old “left” shortly before noon on Thursday. The unfortunate man worked as an employee in the Region of Central Greece and for many years was in the Municipality of Stylida. He was the father of three children.

The deceased has been in the ICU since December 14.

Two more deaths yesterday in Lamia

Yesterday, two other people died from the pandemic. A 58-year-old woman from the Community of Lamia who had been infected with the virus on November 30 ended up in the General ICU. He was intubated on November 11 and fought hard against the disease for 1.5 months without finally succeeding.

Also dead is a 76-year-old woman who 18 days ago also lost her husband to a coronavirus.

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