ODDIH: Six-month interest rate auction on Wednesday


The Wednesday December 29, 2021 will be held Interest Rate Auction duration 26 weeks of the Greek State, in intangible form, amounting to 375 million euros, expiring on July 1, 2022.

The settlement date will be Friday 31 December 2021 (T + 2). Interest rates are calculated on an ACT / 360 basis.

The auction will be done with competitive bids from the Main Market Negotiators in HDAT, according to the procedure provided by their Rules of Operation.

Also, according to the Rules of the Main Traders, the possibility of submitting non-competitive bids is provided, both on the day of the auction, and during the period of one working day after the end of it, and until 12.00 pm. The non-competitive bids will be satisfied at the price of the last bid accepted at the auction (cut-off price) up to a total of 30% of the auctioned amount for each of the above two cases.

No commission will be given for the promissory notes.

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