United Kingdom: Tories are pushing Johnson to “save the New Year”


Despite the fact that for the first time a negative record was recorded as the cases exceeded 100,000, the British government seems to be temporarily relieved after the results of the investigations from University of Edinburgh and his Strathclyde but also the Imperial College, showing that the Ομικρον causes fewer fatal symptoms compared to the Delta variant.

This data was first revealed yesterday by Politico, used by them Toris, as proof that the government’s decision to end further restrictions before Christmas was right, the British press comments today.

A study of Scottish patients found that people who tested positive for the new strain were about 64% less likely to be hospitalized than those with the Delta variant. The level of hospital admissions because of Omicron was “much lower than we expected,” said Professor Chris Robertson of Strathclyde University, who contributed to the study.

A separate study, from Imperial College, came to the same conclusion but with slightly different numbers, revealing that people infected with the Omicron variant were up to 20% less likely to be hospitalized and up to 45% less likely to need one or more hospitalizations. more nights. Under these circumstances, Johnson avoided following her example Walesς, της Northern Ireland and her Scotland, which imposed stricter rules in anticipation of Christmas.

But according to sources Times This decision will be reconsidered after Boxing Day, ie on December 26, when cabinet ministers and Tory MPs are expected to support the restrictions. A cabinet minister told the Telegraph that the data was “good news as expected”, while another source told Grand Saps, τον Minister of Transport, that “is of the opinion that the measures so far are sufficient.”

Response: Natasa Kantzavelou, London


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