OPEKEPE: At 31 million euros the basic aid rights from the national reserve


In around EUR 31 million amount to basic payment entitlements from the national reserve year 2021 which were credited to 30,398 beneficiaries, as stated in an announcement by o Paying Agency and Control of Community Guidance Aid and Guarantees.

According to the same announcement, the organization will examine “5,642 applicants for National Reserve rights 2021, who are included in further control”.

The control categories indicatively concern:

– residence permits for permanent residents with business activity,

– in complaints,

– the declaration of private pastures without animals,

– to legal entities with a financial manager who did not submit an EAE 2021,

– recipients of basic payment entitlements from more than two transferees,

– the large livestock declaration,

– to applicants with leased land in areas of former ineligible pastures,

– in large privately owned or rented areas.

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