Italy – Government prepares new measures to deal with Omicron – Final decisions tonight


The government of Mario Draghi is preparing to adopt new measures to address the Omicron variant and to shield the country during the holidays.

The Italian technocratic prime minister met today at noon with the leaders of the parties that are part of his governing alliance, with whom he discussed the measures that are expected to be finally approved tonight in the cabinet.

The main new measures, according to information, include the mandatory use of a mask in the open spaces of all regions of the country, while the high protection mask (Ffp2) will become mandatory for entry to cinemas, theaters, means of transport and sporting events.

At the same time, until the end of January, the green vaccinated pass will be mandatory for the consumption of drinks and food “standing up”, in cafes and every restaurant. At the same time, the Roman government will ban crowded outdoor festivals.

The Draghi government is also expected to decide to reduce the duration of the green pass vaccinated from nine to six months, as well as the possibility of giving the third dose of the coronavirus vaccine, four months after the second.

It remains to be seen whether compulsory vaccination (after health, education and safety) will be extended to new categories of workers.

According to a statement from the Prime Minister’s Office, Italy is also considering closing discos and clubs by New Year’s Eve.

The Omicron variant will dominate

The highly contagious Omicron variant of the coronavirus is spreading rapidly in Italy, the National Institutes of Health (ISS) announced today, publishing preliminary data from a lightning survey showing that on December 20 this variant accounted for 28% of cases.

A previous investigation on December 6 showed that Omicron accounted for just 0.19% of cases.

The comparison between the two studies shows that the doubling time of the variant is about two days.

“Although the results are still preliminary, the estimate confirms the rapid spread of the variant, which is expected to become dominant in the short term,” said ISS President Silvio Brusafero.

The data was given this morning to the government, which is expected to decide during a cabinet meeting today on new measures to deal with the pandemic.

The analysis is based on about 2,000 smear samples in 18 Italian regions and the final results will be released on December 29, the ISS announced, adding that a new lightning survey will be conducted on January 3.

Italy announced 146 deaths related to the coronavirus yesterday, Wednesday, compared to 153 on Tuesday. The number of daily new infections increased to 36,293 from 30,798.

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