Free internet in 2,500 public areas


To determine the municipalities the 2,500 points, outdoor or indoor public spaces, where the free access in the Internet, asks for Ministry of Digital Governance.

By letter of the Minister of State and Digital Government, Kyriakos Pierrakakis and the Deputy Minister of Digital Government, Thodoris Livaniou, to the 332 municipalities of the country, it was requested to determine by 15/1/2022 the points proposed by them, in order to proceed installation and commissioning of wireless access points.

In this way, the competition “WiFi4GR – Development of public points of wireless broadband internet access” of the Ministry of Digital Government enters the final stage of implementation.

The project will provide broadband Internet access via WiFi Hotspots in outdoor and / or indoor public areas, while it is estimated that about two thousand (2,500) wireless – WiFi access areas will be implemented throughout the country.

The areas that will be the installation points of the wireless broadband access points will have a set of features such as:

a) Particularly high population concentration, such as:

– Public gathering places

– Waiting-moving areas

– Venues

– Points of Tourist and cultural interest

– Sports or cultural facilities

and (b) distribution over as wide a geographical area as possible

The action aims at the further development of broadband in areas of the Greek territory, where there is a backlog, in providing added value to development activities in the region, in increasing the use of the Internet and new technologies by citizens, in the availability of the Internet via wireless methods. , thus making it accessible to categories of users who are not necessarily in a fixed space and to the utilization by the citizens of the internet services and information sources that are available through the Internet.

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