Gogos: The next Commission proposal will be on teleworking


In the revelation that the next suggestion of Commission in view of the measures to be taken in January employment more employees with teleworking, said Professor Charalambos Gogos, speaking on SKAI 100.3 radio.

At the same time, he stated that “to the extent that telework can be implemented, it will be positive”, and noted that it reduces mobility and has proven to be effective. “Let’s get into this process quickly,” he added.

Regarding the Omicron mutation, he pointed out that it seems to be lighter, but due to the large dispersion that may occur, there is a risk of creating a large number of cases as well as patients, and added that the Omicron is definitely not worse than previous mutations.

For the third dose, Mr. Gogos stated that the production of neutralizing antibodies is greatly multiplied, up to 100 times as he said, clarifying that this shows that it covers and there is no immediate need for a fourth dose. “We need more data but it is possible to see that the antibodies last up to 12 months with the booster dose,” he said.

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