Europe shows for the energy crisis See Putin


Until primarily responsible for the energy crisis which affects European consumers o Vladimir Putin showed the EU, as he argued rejected Russia’s calls for long-term agreements.

THE Russian President’s attack on the EU for energy policy was not limited there as well essentially accused her of theft. As he argued, there is reason to believe that natural gas, which has been diverted via the Yamal-Europe gas pipeline from Germany to Poland, is being sent to Ukraine, a fact that European consumers suffering from high prices should be aware of.

In the meantime on the occasion of dire economic situation in which the Turkish economy has found itself, the Russian president said that if the Central Bank of Russia does not tighten monetary policy and does not maintain high interest rates, then the situation in the country will become similar to that of Turkey.

For strained Russia-NATO relations, After praising Washington’s decision to discuss security early next year, he blamed the North Atlantic Alliance for its expansion to the east and wondered what would have happened if Russia had deployed missiles on its border with the United States.

Finally for Ukrainian He said Russia did not want a war, but saw some preparing for a third war in Donbas.

Source: ERT, Correspondence: Achilleas Patsoukas

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