The national strategy and action plan for the social inclusion of the Roma are being consulted


The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs puts in open public consultation, on the website, and for a period of 15 days the National Strategy and Action Plan for Social integration of Roma (ESKE) 2021-2030.

The new National Strategy and Action Plan for the Social Inclusion of Roma reflects, delimits and documents the strategies of the state, aiming to address the social exclusion of Roma in Greece. The aim is to effectively address the multiple forms of deprivation experienced by the Roma and to promote their active equal and non-discriminatory participation in the economic and social fabric of the country.

The strategy is structured in four (4) pillars, which reflect the national priorities and strategic goals, policy measures and institutional interventions for equality, inclusion and participation of Roma at national, local and regional level.

PILON I. “Prevention and fight against poverty and social exclusion of Roma”

PILLAR II. “Enhancing equal access of Roma to basic services and goods (education, employment, health, social care and housing)”

PILLAR III. “Preventing and combating stereotypes and discrimination against Roma”

PYLON IV. “Promoting the active participation of Roma in social, economic and political life”.

The Roma ESKE 2021 – 2030 incorporates the directions, priorities and goals set for the social inclusion of Roma in the European strategic framework until 2030, in the Recommendation of 12 March 2021, as well as in the principles and objectives of the Action Plan for the European Pillar of Social Rights. It is the result of in-depth study and participatory process, with the contribution of the co-competent ministries and supervised bodies, the Special Services for the Management of Operational Programs as well as representatives of the Roma.

The overall strategy and action plan set measurable objectives and indicators to be complemented by a monitoring mechanism, so that continuous results can be evaluated and actions adapted when necessary. The monitoring and evaluation mechanism will be finalized, according to the available data and after cooperation and consultation with the competent bodies and the representatives of the Roma.

The new National Strategy and Action Plan for the Social Inclusion of Roma is a necessary condition for the new Programming Period 2021-2027 by implementing the Specific Objective “Promoting the socio-economic integration of marginalized communities such as Roma” of the European Social Fund. At the same time, it is our country’s obligation to monitor its implementation every two years, as defined by the new EU Strategic Framework 2021-2030 and the Council Recommendation of 12 March 2021 on Roma equality, inclusion and participation.

Every public body, social partner, representatives of civil society, stakeholders at national, regional and local level and any interested party are invited to participate in the open public consultation.  

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