Themistocleous for booster dose: 90% of those over 60 have been vaccinated or have an appointment


The booster dose is extremely important, due to the apparent prevalence of the Omicron mutation, and every day citizens rush to the vaccination centers or make vaccination appointments against covid-19. According to the data presented during the standard information about the course of the pandemic, the general secretary of Primary Health Care, Marios Themistokleous, in the last 10 days more than 500,000 appointments of a commemorative dose have been closed. Beneficiaries of the booster dose are 5,770,000 citizens – 83% of the completed vaccinations. 3,150,000 have already been vaccinated (54% of the beneficiaries) and 1,200,000 citizens have scheduled their appointment, 20.6% of the beneficiaries, while as Mr. Themistokleous said, appointments are made daily for the commemorative dose.

According to Mr. Themistokleous, 90% of the beneficiaries of the booster dose in those over 60 years of age have been vaccinated or have made an appointment, while 63.8% of those under 60 years of age have been vaccinated.

In particular, in the age group 85 years and over, 82.2% have been vaccinated, in the age group 80-84, 90% have been vaccinated, 75-79, 92.1% have been vaccinated, 70-74, 92 have been vaccinated, 3%, in the age group 65-69 91% have been vaccinated, in the age group 60-64 88.4% have been vaccinated, 55-59 have been vaccinated 80.7%, 50-54 have been vaccinated 76.6% , 45-49 has been vaccinated 70.5%, 40-44 has been vaccinated 64.7%, 35-39 has been vaccinated 58.1%, 30-34 has been vaccinated 51.6%, 25-29 has been vaccinated 45.2% and in the age group 18-24 years 40% have been vaccinated.

The 16,900,000 vaccinations were exceeded today. More than 7,395,000 citizens have been vaccinated with one dose, ie 70.4% of the general population and 80.2% of the adult population.  

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