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Prioritizing Covid-19 vaccinated people with access to hospital care is, of course, not a possibility, but French doctors describe the exhaustion they feel and the “moral complication” associated with the influx of unvaccinated patients in the Units. Treatment.

Article that means alarm and raises a moral issue published in the newspaper Le Monde with yesterday’s date.

The text, an initiative of Nouvelle-Aquitaine doctors in southwestern France, most of whom are intensivists, reproduces the questions of a doctor who is faced with the postponement of scheduled medical interventions in accordance with the white plan.

The “White design” which has been activated in many parts of France due to the epidemic, allows the postponement of scheduled surgeries and the transfer of staff to special treatment services.

«Is it natural for patients to be deprived of ICU beds or surgical services, even non-urgent ones, in order to deal with people who have chosen to take the risk of becoming seriously ill with Covid-19 when they can avoid it?“, Wonders an intensivist referring to the unvaccinated.

«“Indirectly, a question arises on the part of health professionals: should the vaccination regime be taken into account in prioritization?” emphasize the authors of the article recalling that “The solution of not admitting to ICU people who have made the choice not to be vaccinated is not being addressed».

However, “Refusal to vaccinate puts the life of the person at risk, endangers the lives of others, especially immunocompromised patients in whom the vaccine is ineffective and who can only rely on others, but also prevents some of the most vulnerable ICU, delays the provision of care to other patients suffering from chronic diseases“, Is mentioned in the text.

«Anyone infected with Covid should be able to receive effective care, whether vaccinated or not“, Emphasizes the Syndicate of General Medicine (SMG) in its announcement yesterday.

The Minister of Health of France, Olivier Veran, reminded yesterday that there are two categories of patients in the Intensive Care Units: “A small majority of unvaccinated patients “and” people who are vaccinated but very vulnerableSuch as the elderly or those suffering from chronic diseases.

In France today there are about 5 million unvaccinated, due to ideological reasons, fear for new mRNA vaccines and sometimes due to lack of information. Some claim that they are waiting for the release of the French vaccine.


At the same time, the Omicron variant is spreading very fast in France and is likely to dominate the week between Christmas and New Year, according to the government.

«The hospital is in an extremely complex situation, we are all preparing… to see something very powerful unfolding in front of us“, Warned the general manager of the network Public assistance – Paris Hospitals (AP-HP) Marten Hirs.

«For his part, the doctor remains above all (vaccinated) citizen, suffering from work exhaustion, in a health system that watches it collapse“, Write the authors of the text published in Le Monde.

AP-HP Medical Committee Chairman Remy Salomon said today that he is “complicated for intensive care physicians to watch their (unvaccinated) patients fill their beds and cause a stroke in the hospital».

«We are obliged to postpone the care to other patients who are vaccinated and can not have the operation they were waiting for“, Added Remy Salomon. «Of course, we treat everyone, but you see what the moral complication of this issue is.».

For Professor Didier Sikar, former chairman of the National Ethics Advisory Committee (CCNE), the unvaccinated ““They are becoming a threat to the entire population, preventing people with cancer from receiving medical care.” “They themselves will not refuse to receive medical care when they suffocate».

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