Omicron reaps Italy: 40% of new cases detected in Lombardy and 28% nationally


In the last 24 hours, 44,595 new cases and 168 deaths were recorded in the country

The number of coronavirus cases detected in the last 24 hours in Italy reaches 44,595, with 168 people losing their lives. This is the highest number of cases since the outbreak of the pandemic. In total, 901,450 diagnostic tests were performed, 4.9% of which were positive.

In the intensive care units of the country, they are hospitalized 1,023 patients, while in hospital wards it is 8,722. Since the beginning of the pandemic, in Italy the infections amounted to 5,517,054 and to 136,245 deaths. At the national level the Omicron variant is recorded in 28% of new infections.

It is characteristic that in the wider region of Milan, the Lombardy, in 40% of new cases the Omicron variant was detected. In this region, as in the whole of Italy, at these hours the pharmacies are under enormous pressure, because more and more citizens want to do a diagnostic test, for the Christmas Eve. In many cases, the queue is longer than two hours.

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