Scanning checks by the Hellenic Police for the coronavirus – Extraordinary teleconference of T. Theodorikakou with the police directors


Scanning checks will start tomorrow by the police, for the implementation of the measures aimed at preventing the transmission of the coronavirus, announced by the government. A wide-ranging online meeting was held this afternoon, convened by the Minister of Citizen Protection, Takis Theodorikakos, in which all the general directors of Police participated, in order to give the final directions for the actions of the Hellenic Police.

Mr. Theodorikakos instructed the EL.AS officers to have strict and continuous controls everywhere. “The next 15 days are the most critical for the whole country”, the minister pointed out and stressed that the Police must guarantee the safety of the citizens “. It is noted that 10,000 police officers are already on the streets every day and throughout the festivities for the implementation of the measures, however on the three days of Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the checks peak, with emphasis on the entertainment centers.

In particular, police officers from all departments are instructed to strictly control, in fact and not by sampling, the managers of these companies, if they follow the measures announced to deal with the spread of coronavirus and otherwise impose fines. and the administrative sanctions provided. For this reason, the control groups will also include employees from other competent government agencies.

According to orders given by Mr. Theodorikakos, the inspections will concern both whether the rules for vaccination or disease certificates are observed, as well as the use of a mask at the origin of the clients in the centers.

The first test for the wave of controls, however, will take place today in the basketball match PAO – Olympiacos in OAKA. The orders given are not to approach and not to pass without a mask and to check all the fans if they have tested for Covid-19.

The masks, however, are the main measure that will be checked by the police, as from tomorrow they are imposed indoors and outdoors and the checks will be made in all crowded areas, such as markets, KTEL, stations, airports, etc.  

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