Gazprom: Greece will make the largest Russian gas purchases in history by the end of the year


Exports of natural gas from the Russian “Gazprom” to countries outside the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), ie beyond the countries that were once the Republics of the Union, in 2021 will be the fourth largest in the history of the company. This was announced by the head of the group Alexei Miller in a teleconference before the New Year, noting in particular that the largest increase in supplies took place among the largest consumers of natural gas of Gazprom. “Greece in particular, he said, based on the results of 2021, will make the largest purchases of Russian gas in history,” broadcasts the Russian state news agency TASS.

As it became known, “Gazprom” estimates that by the end of 2021 it will have exported 183 billion cubic meters of gas to Europe.

“We fulfill our contractual obligations in full, reliably and always on time. Obviously, this year we will have the fourth result in terms of gas supplies to the “far abroad”. “And most importantly, I will emphasize once again, in such a difficult year, with such intense winter and summer peaks, we have fulfilled 100% and we continue to fulfill our obligations to European companies,” Miller underlined.

“This suggests that our main customers, our main partners, are oriented towards the Russian gas market. “They understand that our partnership has and will have a long-term character,” said the head of Gazprom.

As of November, Gazprom’s gas exports to China through the Siberian Power pipeline exceeded its daily contractual obligations to Chinese partners by more than a third, Miller said. “The very fact of increasing demand is one thing, no doubt pleasing to us. “But the most important thing is that already in the current period we ensure exports higher than the contracts and the agreed volumes”, he added.

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