SOUTH KOREA – Awarded thanks to former president sentenced to 20 years in prison


Former South Korean President Park Geun-hye, who was sentenced to 20 years in prison for the scandalous corruption scandal that led to her ouster in 2017, has been pardoned, the South Korean Minister of Justice announced on Friday.

Two sentences

Mrs Park is on the list of people who have been granted amnesty. It was awarded in favor of “national unity,” Justice Minister Park Bomgie told reporters.

The 69-year-old former president was sentenced to two years in prison for corruption and abuse of power and two years in prison for violating electoral law.

The first woman to be elected president of South Korea in 2013, Mrs. Park, was found guilty in 2018 of bribery and because she had demanded tens of millions of dollars from large South Korean business groups, including Samsung, because she had leaked secret government documents, because she had made secret government documents. A “black list” containing artists who criticized her policies for dismissing officials who opposed her abuses.

bright light

The scandal had cast a heavy, harsh light on troubled dealings between prominent South Korean business groups and political power.

Following Ms Park’s ouster, center-left Moon Jae-in came to power in 2017, taking responsibility for tackling the wave of loss of credibility of the South Korean right.

In South Korea, justice often shows harshness towards former heads of state.

The four former presidents of the country who are still alive were all convicted after the end of their term.

The pardon was announced a few months before the March elections, which are being announced as highly ambiguous.

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