Priority is given to the processing of donations, parental benefits and inheritances


In order of priority and depending on the date of submission of the declaration, the thousands of pending real estate transfers that have accumulated in the notary offices and the Tax Offices will be processed, according to a new circular issued by the governor of AADE George Pitsilis.

Because of increase in fair values ​​from 1 January 2022 Thousands of taxpayers rushed to close by 2021, with current fair prices any transfers they had planned to make.

This fact caused overcrowding in notaries and tax offices as a result, the Ministry of Finance will be forced to grant an extension, until the end of January 2022, but if the declaration has already been submitted within 2021.

The exemption of its presentation was also extended by one month Electronic Building Identity, which will be required for transfers from 1 February and until January 31, the engineer’s certificate will be valid.

Because of him workload of notaries and Tax Office AADE issued a circular, which provides clarifications on the pace of processing pending cases.

As he states, due to the validity of the new objective values ​​of real estate from 1/1/2022, the last period There is a significant increase in the number of donation / parental benefit and inheritance tax returns submitted. For the faster processing of the capital tax declarations, which are pending in the Tax Offices. and have not been cleared, the AADE commander provides the following instructions:

  • Until 31/12/2021, the handwritten tax returns of parental benefit – donation submitted to the Tax Offices are prioritized in terms of their processing. until 17/12/2021 (ie before the start of their exclusive submission to the myProperty platform), as well as real estate transfer tax and parental benefit – donation tax returns that can not be submitted as initial to myProperty, so that the settlement of arrears in both taxes to be completed by 21/1/2022.
  • In the event that the transfer of a property is preceded by the modification of a horizontal property recommendation and the submission of a handwritten VAT declaration, for the acceleration of its processing, the taxpayers may submit, together with this declaration, a “responsible declaration n.1599 / 1986 – application for acceleration”, stating that, after the modification of the horizontal property recommendation, a property transfer will follow and they will request the immediate processing of this statement, in order to follow the parental benefit / donation or the transfer with a burdensome cause, through the myProperty application or handwritten as the case may be. Recommended affirmation to be published through the Single Digital Portal (
  • Taxpayers who have submitted handwritten tax return for parental benefits and donations which has not been cleared yet, they will be able to revoke it through the Digital Portal myAADE (, on the platform “My Requests” (Service: the Tax Office to which the declaration has been submitted, Thematic Group: Chapter, Procedure: Withdrawal of parental benefit tax – donation tax due to its submission through the application myProperty), in order to submit it digitally through the myProperty application and to clear it immediately. The request is submitted on the platform either by the donor or by the donor (it is recommended to be submitted only by one of them). For its examination and processing, in the relevant field of the Request the applicant must indicate the number of the handwritten statement he wishes to withdraw.
  • Withdrawal requests submitted by 14:00 of each working day must be processed on the same day. Requests submitted after 14:00 of each working day or during holidays must be processed within the next working day.
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