Pagoni: “With a mutation comes a revolution” – What he said about schools (vid)


“Omicron symptoms are very mild”

The President of EINAP Matina Pagoni was hosted at MEGA and referred to the situation prevailing in Greece with the pandemic, while new measures have been announced since yesterday due to the Omicron mutation.

Ms. Pagoni expressed the view that schools should not be closed and that life should proceed with seriousness and responsibility.

“Schools should not be closed, life must proceed normally with seriousness and responsibility “ he stated.

Speaking about how contagious the new mutation is, he said:

“With a mutation comes a revolution. “Omicron is contagious, we do not discuss it, but the symptoms are much milder, some were treated, but not like Delta”.

Regarding the possibility of imposing new measures, he clarified that people no longer want to hear about lockdown.

“People can hear neither new measures nor lockdown. Let us implement the measures we have. It does not mean that you do the vaccine and it’s all over. “The viruses are here.”

“The schedule can be reduced, because there is no reason to close the restaurant” he said.

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