Suppression for Turkey of Greece’s interest in F-35s


They run and do not reach Turkey after the news that Greece is interested in F-35.

Political analysts in Turkey estimate that such a development would be the biggest disaster for Turkey’s foreign and defense policy.

According to information from SKAI, they also pointed out that this development shows that Turkey’s political insistence on the S-400 was so disastrous for Turkey, especially since it was a co-producing country and would have received 100 F-35s.

“Greece has done a great trip of foreign policy and now it is doing it in defense policy,” political analysts noted meaningfully.

For Mitsotakis’ visit to Cyprus

Today, the Turkish press reflects the annoyance of Turkey for the visit of the Greek Prime Minister to Russia and the statements of support for the Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in Cyprus.

According to the same information, Jumhourier writes that Kyriakos Mitsotakis is trying to reach Russia after the USA. On the issue of the Cyprus issue, the newspaper notes that Putin supported the positions of Cyprus and Greece because after the economic policy of the Turkish president, there is a new policy on the Cyprus issue – Putin did not talk about two states.

Hurriyet also emphasizes that there is great annoyance of Russia and Alexandroupolis for the US presence.

At the same time, it is mentioned in Peskov’s statements that Turkey is said to be closer to us, it is said that Moscow has stated in Greece. Reference is also made to Mitsotakis’ rapprochement with Putin after the US, while this newspaper also notes Russia’s annoyance with Alexandroupolis.

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